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This WEB Site is dedicated to the Development, Maintenance and Support of the School Districts of America. Each of the Schools Districts which has been digitally archived will have their Data Accessible on this WEB site (SchoolArchives.org) as well as any existing Computer Data which the Districts would like to store. We have developed a WEB Site which is Highly Secured and allows access from anywhere. Many Districts have chosen to go with mobile notebook computers to allow their maintenance personal to have access to the schools drawings, service manuals, operations etc

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We take the headache out of the process. On Demand will come and remove all drawings and documents from the areas they are currently stored in. Once at our facility we remove all duplicates and organize the drawings and documents by date. Our goal is to have a history of each school within the District.
Once the identification process is complete a report will be submitted which will outline the total task to be completed and the cost related. All drawings and documents are sent to the secured WEB site as they are completed to allow immediate access.

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